Zombie Mode, also known as Zonaco: Your Flesh Is Mine is an alternative game mode to Monaco. It was announced on a Facebook post in October 2013. Zombie mode adds a sepia tone to each level, replaces guards and civilians with two types of zombies, and provides extra ammunition for each player. Zombie mode uses the map layouts of Classic mode.

Zombie Mode added a new achievement, Cerveau, and two new enemy types, the bloater and the wretch. Zombie mode can be played in both single-player and co-op modes. All missions, including Origin missions and custom missions, can be played in zombie mode.

Gameplay differences Edit

As its name suggests, Zombie Mode is a gamemode that includes the undead. These enemies are clumsy and stupid. However, once they catch a player's scent, they are deadly. Bloaters can kill a thief at 90% health instantly at close range and at any level of health in the center of the explosion. Wretches will chase the player like Guards, and will swarm around an alarm.

One of the main differences in Zombie Mode is that zombies cannot interact with most objects. Thus, bushes, alarms, and locks become extremely beneficial to use for the player. Zombies will not lock doors behind them and are unable to unlock them. In addition, a player may use a bush to create obstacles for zombies and quickly lose them. However, zombies can climb ladders.


All of the missions in zombie mode have the same dialogue. While most of it is growling, moaning and other zombie noises, the french words "cerveau" (brain) and "oui" (yes) can be picked out. In addition, some in-game characters (such as the guard who types to his parents) will have their dialogue replaced with zombie sounds.

Pierre: Bblaaaarrr

Margot: Graa?

Pierre: Hurr.

Pierre: Hurr.

Pierre: Hurrrr!

Margot: Blugg.

Margot: Cerveau?

Pierre: Oui.

Margot: Blar.

Trivia Edit

  • There are sprites in the game for a generic zombie based on the male civilian, however it is not possible for this type of zombie to spawn. ZombieBodyZombieHeadZombie
    • All enemies (even Dogs) are turned into zombies when the game is loaded. However, pigeons, crows and other animals will not.
  • When the level is processed, the game engine will spawn extra roaming Wretches at the spawn point of placed enemies.