As early as 2010 Monaco was winning awards when the concept was first introduced. Since then, three awards are already under its belt, and it has yet to be released. Those include the 2010 IGF Seumus McNally Grand Prize, the 2010 IGF Excellence in Design, and Destructoid's PAX Prime 2012 Winner. Check out the press links below to see what the buzz is all about:

  • Destructoid: Screenshots do not do it justice. Seeing this game in motion, with all of the vibrant colors being revealed as you navigate the map is truly a sight to behold.
  • makes Ocean's Eleven seem like a heist hatched by kindergarteners...Monaco provides a game that is all-round fun and full of thrills, and it should definitely be on your radar for this year for when it launches...
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun: It is pacey, thrilling, and has that sense of precarious crisis-horror that games which are about sneaky and surviving, rather than shooting, do so well...this is an exciting, vibrant game...
  • XBLA Fans: We are sorely hoping for this award-winning game to steal our hearts and money soon.
  • Joystiq: George Clooney may have all the charm and handsomeness, but in Monaco my crew and I will have way more fun with our escapades.

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