Despite Monaco being a brutal game with a high skill cap, many users have undertaken the practice of speed-running the game.

What is a speed run?

In gaming, a speed run is a play-through in which the "runner" or player (there may be more than one runner in any given run) attempts to finish the game as fast as they can. This is usually achieved through lots of practice, including memorization of strategy and of paths to take. However, there are several different types of speed runs depending on the game. These range from completing the game with 100% completion, without glitches, or co-op (with more than one runner). Speedruns can also be segmented to show what the "perfect" run would be like. Human error and randomization within a game may heavily impact a run, thus segmented runs may be used to improve one's record.


In the Monaco speed running scene, there are currently 4 different categories of speed run (according to

  • Classic Any%
  • Classic 100%
  • Enhanced Any%
  • Enhanced 100%

*Note that "Any%" indicates that there are no restrictions on a run whereas "100%" indicates that all items must be collected.

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