"Prologue: The Blonde" is the seventh mission in Origins, Act Three of Monaco.

Objective Edit

READY? Collect the trophies and as much money as you can... you will eventually be caught. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!

Dialogue Edit

Inspector Voltaire: "And The Redhead?"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "You'll likely never see her again."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Even more than the Gentleman, she knows how to hide in plain sight."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "In her past life she was a petty thief."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Home invasions, burglaries."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "She was a blonde in those days."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "No one ever believed that she was an actual criminal..."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "...until they got close enough to see the twinkle in her eyes."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Anyways, she got caught breaking into the Gentleman's vacation house by his private security detail."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "And for a moment, when they brought her to him, it felt like the debt of the world had been wiped clean."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "Turns out the only person who was unaffected by her charms was The Gentleman."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "I suppose that's what made them fall in love."

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "He was the only man that saw her truth."

Trivia Edit

  • The level is the first and only level in the campaign to use the Blonde as an available character.

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