Paris Forever is the last level in Fin, as well as campaign of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

Objective Edit

Say goodbye to the Gentleman and his crew the only way you know how... READY?

The objective of this mission is to steal 2 small fortunes and escape. There are 32 coins on the top floor, 30 on the next, and 33 on the bottom floor.

Dialogue Edit

Voltaire: "That's him. At the roulette table."

Dealer: "Place your bets."

Voltaire: "That's the Gentleman."

Candide: "You were right. They did come to Vegas."

Voltaire: "Stay close, Candide. This is our moment."

Voltaire: "Approach with me."

Dealer: "Bets are in."

Voltaire: "Excuse me..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Mon ami, you've finally arrived!"

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Did you clean up the mess?"

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Did you snip the threads to our past?"

Candide: "..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Of course you did, mon ami."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "The inspector looks tired, perhaps you could persuade him to sleep?"

Candide: "..."

Voltaire: "Candide?"

Voltaire: "It's... you?"

Voltaire: "But..."

Candide: "..."

Voltaire: mmrglmrgl

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "And my nephew, would you mind finishing the job?"

TheMoleThe Mole: "Freedom spoon wasn't meant for this."

TheMoleThe Mole: "But yes, Mole happy to dispose of Inspector."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "I believe we are free mon petit scorpion."

TheRedheadThe Redhead: "It does seem that this is the end. Where to now?"

TheCleanerThe Cleaner: "..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Yes, I agree. We shall go there."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "But we're in Las Vegas."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Surely we have time for a little fun before we begin anew?"