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Manoir Moucharder is the fourth level in Campaign One of Monaco.


The smuggler is under house arrest. Extricate him so that you can access his yacht. READY?


The Mole leads the group to the smuggler's house, and after a strange exchange on the phone where The Mole pretends to be a pool inspector, The Gentleman explains to him that he is under house arrest. The Gentleman jests that the officers in his house will be perfectly polite, then hangs up promptly.

Pierre's letterEdit

Once again, Pierre appears as an enemy who types a letter to his family. He appears, this time, as a policeman in the Den (first floor). As his letter states, there is a cat in the room as well. His letter reads:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got a new job as a police officer! I even get to carry a gun now! Amazing story about how I ended up in this job. The bank where I was working at...ROBBED! And the money I was saving for the koi pond is probably going to fund a gambling habit now. Apparently the thieves were the same people who broke out of the prison. I think they hired me because I know what the thieves look like! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. Hard to see anything with my allergies acting up like this, though. I HATE cats.

Give my love to Estelle.

Dreaming of halibut, your 'dangerously armed' son,



Telephone: *ring*

The Gentleman: "Bonsoir?"

The Mole: "Mr. Gentleman? Pool inspector here."

The Gentleman: "Ah, mon neveu, I was wondering if you would call."

The Mole: "Mr. Gentleman want crew to visit? Make sure pool okay to drink?"

The Gentleman: "Oui oui, though it need not be entirely potable..."

"I should warn you of a minor inconvenience."

"You see, I've been put under house arrest."

"But pay no heed to the officers in my foyer."

"I'm sure they will be perfectly polite."

Telephone: *click*

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the appearance of Policemen, the second type of NPC to come into play.

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