Lyon's Den is the sixth mission in Fin, the final act in Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

Objective Edit

Swipe all the data pertaining to your crimes from Interpol HQ! READY?

Dialogue Edit

Voltaire: "Take us to Interpol, Candide."

Voltaire: "And don't say a word of my theory."

Candide: "Shouldn't we let Internal Affairs know?"

Voltaire: "If the Gentleman really does have an inside man in Lyon, we don't want to let on that we know."

Candide: "But maybe we should canvas the locations you think they'll hit next! The two of us can't do this alone!"

Voltaire: "We won't need to. There's plenty of officers where they're going next."

Voltaire: "The thieves took a train to Lyon."

Voltaire: "They'll be at Interpol headquarters within the hour."

Voltaire: "Let's meet them there."

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