The Lookout
General Information
Color Red
Unlocked Default
Primary Ability Senses all types of NPCs
Secondary Ability Enters Windows, Vents and Staircases faster then any other class.
Tertiary/Third Ability Runs faster than any other class.

The Lookout is represented by the color red. She is the first playable female in the game and has long dark red hair. The Lookout's primary ability is that she can sense all types of NPCs when sneaking or standing still. Additionally the layout (or "blueprint") of the map around the Lookout is also revealed without requiring line of sight. It starts as a fair-sized circle, but it still fades to black after a certain distance. The closer you get to the edge of the blueprint, though, more of it is revealed. This does not require actually line of sight into the unknown area. The blueprint also reveals walls, coins, safes, and security equipment. Her secondary ability is that she can enter open windows, vents, and staircases faster than the other classes. She is available from the beginning.

Background Edit

The Lookout is from Haiti. She describes her motives for stealing to Inspector Voltaire, saying that she "has a moral debt that's owed to her" and that "the law doesn't apply until that debt is paid back in full", a reference to how the soldiers (during the Haitian Coup of 1991) took all of her family's belongings when they came through her town.

After the events in Haiti, she went to the United States as a refugee and met the Locksmith in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel, and spotted for him when he played blackjack. He was caught cheating, but she got away.

The Lookout is very fond of the Locksmith, calling him "big brother" in the flashback/narration at the beginning of Prologue: The Locksmith.


During the Locksmith's story, the Locksmith describes herself as being a team player. Also, she doesn't trust Cleaner that much...


Original: The Locksmith | The Pickpocket | The Cleaner | The Lookout

Unlockable: The Mole | The Gentleman | The Hacker | The Redhead

Special: The Blonde