Le Port De La Condamine is the fifth level in Act One of the campaign of Monaco.


Sneak aboard The Gentleman's booby-trapped yacht. Escape from Monaco! Ready?


The crew discuss their escape from Monaco with the Gentleman who reveals his Yacht is under guard as well as booby trapped. The crew must get through these troubles to finally escape Monaco.


TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "I suppose this meeting is not by chance?"

TheLookoutThe Lookout: "The Mole here said you've got access to a yacht?"

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Ah Mademoiselle, you are correct in that."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "My yacht, La Grenouille, is docked in the harbour."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "And as it so happens, I was thinking about taking a little trip across the Mediterranean."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "Beirut is beautiful this time of year."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "I may need your help to access my vessel, of course."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "...and it is likely under heavy guard."

TheCleanerThe Cleaner: "..."

TheGentlemanThe Gentleman: "We also may have to disarm a few... surprises... I left aboard."

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