The Hacker
General Information
Color Green
Unlocked Centre Hospitalier
Primary Ability Creates viruses
Secondary Ability Uses computers and disables devices faster than others
Tertiary/Third Ability None

 The Hacker is represented by the color green. He has a green hoodie and a radio-transmitter on his back. He can create viruses from electrical outlets that travels through walls and disables any security that you are near by. His secondary ability is that he can disable security and hack computers faster than the other classes. He is the third character you unlock, you find him in his cell in the level Centre Hospitalier.


The Hacker is a mentally ill man who has no sense of morality whatsoever, simply responding to the other characters in long strings of lower case letters as opposed to proper sentences.  He seems to show loyalty to the Gentleman due to a previous friendship, and follows his orders without hesitation.  He tends not to show any form of opinion in the Locksmith's story, and proceeds to act based on what others want him to do.

Storyline InvolvementEdit

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Original: The Locksmith | The Pickpocket | The Cleaner | The Lookout

Unlockable: The Mole | The Gentleman | The Hacker | The Redhead

Special: The Blonde