Escape From Monaco is the fifth mission in Fin, the last Act of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

Objective Edit

Escape from Monaco via the underground train station! READY?

Dialogue Edit

Candide: "Sir? What do you make of the fact that their stories conflict?"

Voltaire: "The Locksmith and the Pickpocket?"

Voltaire: "Did you watch the interrogation footage?"

Candide: "I didn't sir. And I think it was stolen when they broke out."

Candide: "All I know is what you've related to me..."

Candide: "...And none of it makes any sense."

Radio: *suspects in a green van*
Radio: *en route toward the Musee Oceangraphique* Radio: *all units respond* Candide: "Sir, that's them! In front of us!"

Voltaire: "Operator, this is Inspector Voltaire of Interpol, we have a visual on the suspects."

Voltaire: "They pulled off towards the train station"

Voltaire: "We are in pursuit."

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