Devil's Trick is the eighth mission in The Pickpocket's Story, Act Two of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine.

Objective Edit

Break into Securitech and destroy any video footage of the Gentleman and Davide. READY?

Dialogue Edit

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "How much do you know about Davide?"

Inspector Voltaire: "I know that Davide owns Securitech, and he writes my paycheck."

Inspector Voltaire: "Only what you and your friend have told me."

Inspector Voltaire: "We haven't yet confirmed his actual identity."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "That is by design."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "Who is to say that the Gentleman and Davide are not the same person?"

Inspector Voltaire: "I assume Davide had an alibi for all of the Gentleman's crimes."

Inspector Voltaire: "There must be some record of him at Securitech HQ."

ThePickpocketThe Pickpocket: "Not any more..."

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