Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine has four main acts in its campaign. The first one is narrated by the Locksmith, the second one is narrated by the Pickpocket, the third one is narrated by the Lookout, and the fourth is between the authorities. Campaign missions are also dubbed co-op missions.

Mission trophies Edit

Each mission can be completed to win up to five trophies, which can be seen at the top of the screen when a mission is selected (located underneath the mission's name). These are, in order, the one player trophy, the multiplayer trophy, the no-deaths trophy, the coin trophy, and the zombie mode trophy.

  • The one-player trophy requires players to complete the level offline alone.
  • The multiplayer trophy requires players to complete the level online with at least one other player.
  • The no-deaths trophy (represented by the red cross symbol on a trophy) requires players to complete the level without any one dying. In the Origins act, this medal is absent, since most of the levels in that act cannot be completed without dying.
  • The coin trophy requires players to complete the level with the CLEANED OUT notification (i.e. all coins/trophies were collected), or with a PERFECT notification (in the case of Origins levels)
  • The zombie mode trophy (represented by a trophy with a letter "Z" on it) requires players to complete the level in Zombie mode.

Acquiring the first four mission trophies in the first two Acts will award the player with the achievement Time To Retire.

The Locksmith's StoryEdit

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The Pickpocket's StoryEdit

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See also Edit

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